"Indiana Chi Phi...A Time...And a Time Again"

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Dues are payable in April of each year. Contributions for improving our Chapter House and restoring Iota Delta to the IU campus are welcome. Your comments are invited using our electronic Membership Form or Renew Dues Online.

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Indiana Chi Phi Alumni Association and Housing Corporation will keep Brothers informed as to our recolonization progress. Our officers and directors handle planning, legal affairs, finance, and communications; maintain our new website, promote Little 500 and Homecoming events, arrange for our Alumni Reunions every five years... For our new Brothers on the IU campus, we endeavor to provide leadership opportunities and personal development, such as regards character, moral compass, integrity, scholarship, finances, maturity, and social skills based on Chi Phi core values.


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KEEPING THE PROMISE - Our New Wing was dedicated by Indiana Chi Phi Brothers
on April 21, 2007